For Boys and Girls from age 4 to 11
Daily Training Sessions in Softball Cricket and Multi-Sports for ages 4 to 11
(up to Year 6, rising Year 7)

Timings and Venues

Weekdays from 25 July to 2 September (in line with state school holidays)

Subject to demand, we may run a course in w/c 11 and 18 July, reflecting the early breaking up of private schools. Please enquire if interested.

All Softball and Multi-Sports Courses are held at John Roan Playing Fields, Kidbrooke Park Road, London SE3 9NF. All full-day courses run from 9.30am to 3.30pm. The half-day module runs from 9.30am to 12.30pm on all weekdays.

NEW: On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we run an additional half day module from 1pm to 3.30pm. Please note that children under 5 are not permitted to attend two half-day courses on the same day

All courses are held OUTDOORS so please bring appropriate clothing

Softball courses are primarily aimed at a primary school audience (Year 6 2013-14 school year and below); however, they are also suitable for beginners in Years 7 and 8. The courses are also available to all children – you do not have to be a Greenwich resident.

The half-day module is intended for children aged 7 and below (Year 2 and below). No children under 7 are accepted onto a full-day course.

Pre- and post-course care is available if (and only if) pre-booked, from 8am until 6pm, according to demand (normally a minimum of 2 on any day).

Hardball Cricket Training

Hardball Courses for Years 5 to 8 will additionally be held at The Rectory Field, Charlton Road, Blackheath, London SE3 8SR. These courses will run from 1pm to 4pm, extending to 5pm on the third day. The dates for these will be announced shortly. Hardball courses are limited to 24 spaces on each course.


(It will save time, even if paying on the day, to complete the form in advance)
If you have booked before, for the same child, it is not necessary to complete the form, unless any details have changed. Otherwise, it is not permitted to leave a child in our care without having completed the form.

Please contact me (email preferred) for any further information, or if you have difficulty downloading the form. If you do feel the need to phone and leave a message, please make certain that you phone from the number you want me to ring back. It is very time-consuming to sit and write down a landline number when you have phoned me from a mobile (or vice-versa). Better still, text me an email address that I can reply to, so that I can reply at any time of day or night..


There is no limit on spaces for softball and multi-sports courses. It is not necessary to phone and check before booking.Returning the form guarantees acceptance on the course and we will not routinely send out an acknowledgement. We will contact you if there are any problems.

Order Form Download HERE (Word)

MULTI-SPORTS: The courses are cricket-based multi-sports and will also include elements of additional sports and activities, including football, tennis, music and movement and table tennis, depending on group sizes, coach availability and weather conditions.

Pre-Booking: Pre-booking is strongly encouraged and appreciated, as it helps us plan the number of coaching staff we require on each day. To qualify for pre-booking rates, application forms and payments must reach us by First Post on the Friday preceding the Course. Otherwise full price will be charged on the day, and no discounts will be allowed.


We accept payments by Cash, Cheque or Online directly into our account, Unfortunately, at present we do not accept credit card payments or Childcare Vouchers.

The account details are
Name: DDG (or District Development Group)
Sort Code: 20-98-57
Account Number: 60100048

Please make sure that payments are clearly marked, so that we can match the name of the student on the course with the name of the person paying.

Cheques must be posted to Andy Pye, Treasurer, DDG, PO Box 376, Blackheath, London SE3 8BE

Courses are in three segments:

A.    Half–day (for 4 to 7 year-olds): Price Band A
B.    Full-day (for 7 years and above): Price Band B
C.    Pre- and Post-Care Options: Price Band C – PRE-BOOKED ONLY
For half-day courses, day care is only available in the morning for morning courses, or in the afternoon for afternoon courses.
All day care must be booked in advance when pre-booking


A (half day courses):
Full Price: £20 per day if not pre-booked
Pre-booking discounted prices: £15 per day, £50 for 4 days, £60 for 5 days

B (full day courses):
Full Price: £30 per day if not pre-booked
Pre-booking discounted prices: £22.50 per day, £75 for 4 days, £90 for 5 days.

C: (Pre- and post-care):
add £10 per half-day, £20 per day or £70 (max) per week, only available if pre-booked


Any combination of individual days throughout the whole summer period may be specified to claim a 4 or 5 day discount, provided it is pre-booked. The dates do not have to be within any given week. Also, it is possible to attend two or three days of a Hardball course and attend the Softball course on other days.


In addition to the discounts for multiple days, we offer a Season Ticket for the first time. This entitles the holder to attend any session throughout the summer at any time, without pre-booking
•    A season ticket for morning-only half-day courses for 4 to 7 year olds costs £120
•    A season ticket for the whole day course costs £180Siblings: we offer a 20% discount for siblings, on the pre-booked prices only. This includes a second or subsequent season ticket.Concessionary prices are available for demonstrable hardship cases, provided booking is in advance. Please enquire.Wet weather: Our courses are not a drop-in alternative to child care. We make every effort not to cancel a day, and in the event of inclement weather, coaches may vary the programme. But rarely on very wet days, a course may be cancelled altogether – attendees may then attend on an alternative day or course instead. On such days, those who have booked in advance will be sent as early as possible a text message (SMS) to the mobile number(s) provided on the application form.

Andy Pye
07808 137312

Which course for my child?We receive several enquiries regarding acceptance of children aged 6 and 7 onto our all-day courses.

The safety of kids is always our main priority. For this reason, we do not accept children under the age of 7 onto the full-day courses. However, children aged 5  and 6 can be accepted on two half-day courses on the same day, though this option is only offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We may open up additional days if demand is sufficient from under 7s.

Children aged under 5 can only attend ONE half-day course per day, according to Ofsted rules.

We will normally accept 7 year olds on full-day courses, but it is subject to them being sufficiently robust and attentive not to present a hazard to.themselves or to other members of the group. Speaking to the coaches may give you an insight as to whether any individual child is currently suited to all-day courses.

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