Coaching Courses

(A) Monday 30 March to Thursday 2 April 2015
(B) Tuesday 7 April to Friday 10 April 2015
(C) Monday 13 April to Friday 17 April 2015

Courses (A) and (B) will be held at John Roan Playing FieldsCourse (C) will be held at Shooters Hill CC
Venue Details:
· John Roan School Sports Field; Kidbrooke Park Road, London SE3 9NF
· Shooters Hill CC, 123/125 Mayday Gardens, Kidbrooke, London SE3 8NPThese courses are primarily aimed at a primary school audience (Year 6 2013-14 school year and below); however, they are also suitable for beginners in Years 7 and 8. The courses are available to all children – you do not have to be a Greenwich resident.

On Thursday 16 April, we will be joined by a French group for an introduction to cricket. Because of this, we have decided to add a third week, although we recognise that state school students will have returned to school. For those who can attend, please make every effort to come along on the Thursday to welcome our French guests.

Special Note for U10 District Players: those players who have been selected for and invited to the U10 District Practices
These will take place in the 4 days following Easter (Tuesday 7 to Friday 10 April)
at Shooters Hill.
Those who would like to combine the U10 District Training with the Holiday Course can do so for the price of the Holiday Course, and we will provide transport back to Roan CC in the middle of the day.

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Each week also contains a half-day module for children aged 7 and below (Year 2 and below). Some 6 and 7 year-olds may be accepted on the full-day course at the discretion of the coaches.Course A and B only: Pre- and post-course care is available if (and only if) pre-booked, from 8am until 6pm, according to demand (normally a minimum of 2 on any day).Course C will not include tennis.

All courses are held OUTDOORS so please bring appropriate clothing

Courses are in three segments:

  1. Half–day (for 4 to 7 year-olds): 9.30am to 12.30am (Price Band A)
  2. Full-day (for 7 years and above): 9.30am to 3.30pm (Price Band B)
  3. Pre- and Post-Care Options: 8am to 9.30am and 3.30pm to 6pm (Price Band C) – PRE-BOOKED ONLY
    Day care is only available in the morning for half-day attendees, who must still be collected at 12.30pm.
    All day care must be booked in advance when pre-booking.
MULTI-SPORTS: Attendees may choose from a cricket-only or multi-sports option. The multi-sports option will comprise cricket, football and tennis modules. NOTE: Multi-sports or cricket-only elements are dependent on numbers and overall preference and may vary from day to day, or week to week. All activities are designed to develop the overall sporting prowess of attendees.Wet weather arrangements: We make every effort not to cancel a day in the event of inclement weather, coaches may vary the programme. On very wet days, football training or indoor activities may be offered as an alternative to cricket, or occasionally cancelled altogether;  attendees may then attend on an alternative day or course instead. On such daysthose who have booked in advance will be sent as early as possible a text message (SMS) to the mobile number(s) provided on the application form.Price Bands:A (4-7 year olds half day):               Full Price: £20 per day if not pre-booked
Pre-booking discounted prices:        £12 per day, £45 for 4 days, £50 for 5 days

B: (7-13 year olds full day):             Full Price: £30 per day if not pre-booked
Pre-booking discounted prices:        £22.50 per day, £75 for 4 days, £90 for 5 days.

C: (Pre- and post-care):                   add £20 per day or £70 per week,
only available if pre-booked
not available for Course C

Pre-booking is appreciated as it helps us plan the number of coaching staff we require on each day. To qualify for pre-booking rates, application forms and payments must reach us by First Post the preceding Friday (Thursday in the event of Good Friday). Otherwise full price will be charged on the day, and no discounts will be allowed.

Concessionary prices are available for hardship cases and larger families, provided booking is in advance. Please contact us for details.

You may book any combination of weeks or individual days, and relevant discounts apply.

Siblings: we offer a 20% discount for siblings, on the pre-booked prices only

Payment Options: we accept advance payments online, or posted by cheque. One-the-day payments (charged at the full daily rate) are accepted by cheque or in cash. We do not accept credit card payments. We do not accept Childcare Vouchers.

Please make cheques payable to DDG (or Greenwich District Development Group).

For those wishing to pay online, the details are as follows:
Account: Greenwich District Development Group
Sort Code: 20-98-57
Account Number: 60100048

Please ensure that your payment is clearly identified

(It will save time, even if paying on the day, to complete the form in advance)

Please note that returning the form guarantees acceptance on the course and we will not routinely send out an acknowledgement. We will contact you if there are any problems.

Please contact me (email preferred!) for any further information, or if you have difficulty downloading the form.

Andy Pye, Treasurer, DDG, PO Box 376, Blackheath, London SE3 8BE
Tel: 07808 137 312        Email:

Clarification of position for all-day courses for 6 and 7 year olds

We have had several enquiries regarding acceptance of children aged 6 and 7 onto our all-day courses.

The position is as follows: we are bound by Ofsted rules. In particular we cannot accept children under 5 for more than four hours per day.

Acceptance of children aged between 5 and 8 on all-day courses is at the discretion of the coaches. The safety of the kids is always our main priority.
We will normally accept 7 year olds on full-day courses, but it is subject to them being sufficiently robust and attentive not to present a hazard to.themselves or to other members of the group. We would take the same view with a 6 year old, but obviously the chance of us having to press the “recall button” would be higher – hence we do not advertise the all-day courses for this age group. This might depend on external factors, such as how many in the age group we had for a particular course, or even the external weather conditions.
So do register 6 and 7 year-olds for all-day courses, but be aware that there is a chance that we may have to cancel the booking, or only accept the child for the morning session.,You should be prepared to make alternative arrangements at short notice should things not work out as you and we hope.No children aged 5 or under are permitted to attend for more than four hours per day.
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Sun Ya are the official sponsors of Greenwich Cricket for the 2015 season

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