Club Cricket

The Greenwich junior clubs are Blackheath, the Greenwich Junior Cricket Academy (GJCA), Old Colfeians and Shootershillians.

The Greenwich Junior Cricket Academy (GJCA) operates independently of the senior cricket clubs up to the age of 13, after which its members are introduced to one of the partner cricket clubs in the District to further their cricketing ambitions. This enables the coaching talent in the borough to be pooled, and professional coaches to be used, rather than each cricket club being required to provide its own coaching pool.

Blackheath operates an independent coaching programme to the GJCA, but also draws extensively on the professional GJCA coaches at the junior levels.

The Greenwich Girls Cricket Club is a division of the Greenwich Junior Cricket Academy and offers girls-specific coaching up to age of 15. Girls are also permitted to play in any colts game and are given a one-year age dispensation by the local cricket league (North Kent Junior League).